Nov 6, 2012

What If

As stated on my blog post title, don't we always question ourselves like this? Undeniably, it will always lead us to finding reasons to be unhappy. Let me give you a few examples.

What if I didn't walk away...
What if I have done this differently...
What if I could just calmed down and listen...

The truth is, when we are in this state of mind, we are having regrets to certain decisions that we have made. What I am going to say is, stop the what if this and what if that nonsense from playing in your head.

Do not attempt to burden yourself because you know clearly that it will not do any good to you. By the end of the day, it's not like you are going to have an answer to it. Just note that if the decisions weren't made, you won't even be at where you are now.
There are reasons why past, present and future tense exists.
You may ask, how can we change our mindset when we are facing situation like this? I'm listing down a few simple steps for you to start off. 
Acknowledge - You made the decision.
Convince - It was based on the knowledge and experience you have at that time. 
Learn - Treat it as a lesson to handle things better at the present.
Act - Take charge and change whatever circumstances that you are not happy now.  
I hope this blog post helps you in seeing things differently. Sometimes, when we are caught up in a box, the only thing that we will see are the 4 walls which formed the box. When we are out of the box, that is when we wonder why.